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Ugly Birds Icons for Twitter


Aberthol 512x512 px
Aberthol 128x128 px
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Meet Aberthol, or "Abe", as his friends call him. Aberthol is smart (no bird-brain's here!), opinionated, and a little bit ornery. In his spare time, Abe enjoys bird-watching, tweeting about the silly things his nestmates do, and trying new varieties of bird food. Aberthol bird is available in 3 sizes above facing both left and right. Download and use for Free under our Terms of Use

Terms of Use

This graphics is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. This means you can freely use these icons for any purpose, private and commercial, including online services, templates, themes and software. However, you should include a link to this page in your credits. The icons may not be resold, sub-licensed, rented, transferred or otherwise made available for use. Please link to this page on if you would like to spread the word.

Posted on August 15, 2014

Category: Designing, Graphics





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